Anjali Kumari
I am very glad to share a positive journey of B.Sc-B.Ed at Sai Nath University. Each student demands that academic sanctum which could transform their professional aspirations into flawless strengths.Don't we? ?This institution rigorously works with their students to carve out best from them. SNU is a place of learning,fun,culture and many such life preaching activities with academic grind. Studying at SNU brought an added value to my life. All the facilities are enthusiastic and always ready to help. I am thankful to Sai Nath University for providing a platform to enhance my skills and opportunities to showcase them.

Raj Kumar
College has all the necessary facilities and equipment. Apart from that,living spaces are clean as well as hygienic.Yeah it's infrastructure it pretty good. New block is in under-construction and the old block amazing. Fully ventilated, clean, greenary everywhere. Biggest library in South campus, e-library is also present.

"Time Flies" like an arrow, the days I spent at SNU were exactly like this proverb. One of the most interesting stage in life that gives you an opportunity to explore is the college stage. My days at SNU are precious memories of fun, activity and enjoyment together with studies. The faculty members are very helpful and co-operative especially our Pro Chancellor who always interact with his students takes feedback of them, listens their problems and do that works which are beneficial and better for students, for him his students are the first priority.

The good remark of the Sai nath University ,Ranchi is its faculty teaching staff who are completely dedicated to their students .Our V.C Sir (Prof. (Dr.) S.P AGARWAL) always support & encourage us which is the best part of our college. All the activities and seminars or workshops are organized in a very good manner and labs are frequent and clean labs makes me happy.

Divya Rashmi
I extend my warm regards to my department the department of "EDUCATION" for helping me achieving great heights in these four year.The faculty are very supportive and encourage students to push boundries to rise above expectations.SNU target for overall Development of Every students be it education,cultural awareness,practical field work ,or in the field of sports.Apart from it we were got lots of seminars,trainings given on how to conduct onself and face interviews confidently.Proud to be an "SNU" aspirant.

Shambhavi Bhushan

Knowledge is a gift that we get from a place you come to achieve education.In this direction SAI NATH UNIVERSITY is excellent with pleasant locality.The infrastructure is excellent and friendly and knowledgeable faculty make it all more informative and conductive throughout the study course.SAI NATH UNIVERSITY has got superb faculty having cordial relationship with students.Theory and practical class are excellent in order to gain insightful understanding.I am glad that I have studied one of the best university in Jharkhand.l extend my best wishes for the continuous success for our university.

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